Sunday 28th May, 2006
It is a longer trip, then I have expected.
The Plane to Newark had took an hour and a halve longer then it should have, and so I missed my connecting flight to Boston. The next flight were two hours later, so I have had to kill time in the gate area of the Newark domestic flights terminal A.
So here kicks in the (cultural) shock - I have met a cockroach! It was the first cockroach i have encountered in the "civilized" world - as a matter of fact the last one i saw was a year ago in Moscow, but i have never ever seen one in Germany since I live here. And that makes me wonder: In the two hours spend in the waiting area at the Airport I have saw a guy who was pushing a very large garbage bin and collecting empty Starbucks cups from the passengers, but the place still locked a bit of a messed up and dirty. Okay, it was an one-time experience, don't want to make any judgments based on that.

By the way, i Am writing this right on board of the airplane, thanks notes and built-in replication i do not need any Internet for that. I know, this is nonsense for the most of you, but just cant say it enough - try this with Microsoft.

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