Thursday 1st February, 2007
Hi Folks,

I went to the Lotusphere - after all this years a dream finally came through - wooow.
I was invited to present at the Speedgeek event on Wednesday evening right before the party. Despite the time and the remote location at the Yacht and Beach Club the whole Speedgeek event was an enormous success. The only setback from my point of view, is that I was not able to see other geeks presentations. But that is how its goes.

My Speedgeek was called "Pimp my Database" and was about how to pimp a notes web database with cool web 2.0 effects combining different free JavaScript library and also my improved version of Bob Obringers ultimate view navigator.

I have promised to the database with the code I was presenting here on my blog, and so here is it: SpeedGeek.zip

You can find other Speedgeek presentations linked from Rocky's blog

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