SnTT: How to delete corrupt local cached design elements

Thursday 14th September, 2006
show_and_tell Welcome to my first Show and Tell Thursday post! - One of the reasons, why I have started blogging is to participate in Show'n'Tell. The only thing what kept me from posting was, that I was very busy in the last time and I don't really like the flasher in the logo.

For my first post I want to address the problem which happens, when local stored design elements are going corrupt. When this happening, it can show up in a number of symptoms, like a database (preferably the mail file) is opening with a half content and one pane with the text in it "frame content could not be loaded", or some "illegal circular use" message boxes (say 100), or something like this - very disturbing and annoying.

In R5 there were a usual approach (and to a degree it is valid till today, as I will explain in a second) just to delete the local cache, namely cache.dsk and restart the client.
Since the release of Notes 6 there is no cache.dsk anymore - there is cache.ndk instead. And this is not the same. Some of the design elements are now being cached in the bookmark.nsf - namely all the design elements that the user would like to take along in case when he roams. For example there are customized views (like changed column with, or the default collation).
If the user does not roam, and is using only the tiled workspace, you can still delete the bookmark.nsf, and the notes client will create a new one from the bookmark.ntf, just as it would create a new cache.ndk from the cache.ntf

If the user are actually using the bookmarks, or is a roaming user - there is a problem. You just can not mindlessly delete the bookmark.nsf, because it either break the roaming (there is a server copy of the bookmark.nsf and the new one will not having matching DBID and not replicate) and/or destroying users bookmarks - users hate this. Or, and by the way - running fixup does not fix the problem neither - since the design of the bookmark.nsf is fine - it's the documents that have the problem.

So, you have to delete the cached design elements without deleting the whole database.

This is how you do it:
step 1 - select bookmark
1. you locate the bookmark.nsf on the workspace and click it once without opening it.
step 2- select GoTo
2. Hold down the keybord buttons CTRL and SHIFT at the same time and select the menu command "view -> GoTo..."
step 3 - select (ByURL)
3. Select the hidden view (ByUrl)
Step 4 - Select all

in this view you can delete all documents (or browse to the UID of the database that makes trouble and delete just the documents for this database)
4. Press CTRL and A at the same time
Step 5 - press del
5. Press DEL
6. Press F9

Note 1: you can also delete documents the same manner from the cache.ndk (just open it with the "File -> Database -> Open" and type in its name) and delete documents from the ByURL view (it is not even hidden)

Note 2: you can write an agent that open users bookmark.nsf (and/or cache.ndk) get hold of the view and delete all document in it. (if there is a need, i could post it here)

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