Server Setup

Thursday 1st June, 2006
Today (and pretty much of yesterday) was the actual setting up all the boxes day.
We have now the Exchange 2000, Exchange 2003 and two Domino 7.0.1 on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES9) up and running. We had again a discussion about the outline of the book and we agreed to divide the actual migration part into a client-side and a server-side migration part, allowing us to show how to use data into DAMO (cause it sits on the client, not on the server, right?) and be general more specific on step by step instructions. The setback is, that brings us now to almost 20 chapters - and there are only 4 of us who will writing all the time. Bob and Lisa will contribute, but there will not be on site all the time. There is a general guideline at ITSO, that a redbook author can cover in depth about two chapters in the time of the residency here in Cambridge. Now, we will have some cut and paste jobs, but these are quite limited in numbers, so it will be a lot to write. As one new chapter that i will have in the book is for example the client side migration of local data using nupgrade.exe. In my experience, this topic is not covered very well in the on-line help, and it is missing in the old redbook, as well as in the DAMO Deployment and Migration Redbook.

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