Security Flaw in MacOS X

Friday 29th February, 2008
via Cnet news:

The security glitch works like this: The OS X subsystem that asks for a username and password to log into an account is, reasonably enough, called In the default configuration, the account password unlocks the user's keychain and the encrypted FileVault volume (if one is in use).

But instead of immediately erasing the password from memory once the unlocking process is complete, OS X keeps it around.

...This attack is using the same technic as last weeks published "Cold Boot Attack" on the encryptions keys used for the hard drive encryption.

Now, you can figure out how this would concern us, notes admins ;-)

Anyhow,  I am pretty sure this will be not the last time we read about this type of attack, we will hear about couple of more over the next couple of moths.

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