RedBooks are back!

Tuesday 27th January, 2009
redbooks_are_back Redbooks are back.  
 There is a residency open for writing the "Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager, LO-DD09-R01", it is scheduled to run three weeks onsite in Cambridge, MA and three weeks remote with some time in-between to catch up on the work. It is lead by John Bergland who is an excellent project leader and has co-authored countless lotus redbooks including the one that we were writing two years ago.

Once Redwikis were introduced, I didn't liked the idea of trying to find a good information in a wiki. During the Lotusphere I met with Jen Heins and the conversation with her completely changed my mind about them. RedWikis are a good thing. They are structured like books, with preface and appendix and all the chapters in-between. You can even download a pdf of it. Something to improve still:
  • They are published as Technotes in the redbooks portal. This is a problem, because that way they don't get the attention they deserve. They really should be called the way what they are - RedBooks or RedPapers
  • They also do not get an ISBN number assigned which an author could include in his resume, even if they are available as pdf. Why not assign an ISBN number to the pdfs and put them on some print on demand service?

Now, it seems that Lotus has remembered that there might be some value in having people spending some very intense time together in a real environment rather than in a 3-weeks sametime room client.

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