Problems with DUS? Tell me!

Friday 2nd June, 2006
nupgrade3 step1

Have you seen this screen before?
It seems not so many actually have. It is the nupgrade.exe 3 which migrates the personal local client data to notes.

From my personal experience the whole process of migrating the local data is being quite bad documented and it tend so fail sometimes in quite a spectacular way. But from what I learned today there are no open PMR's at notes support regarding Domino Upgrade Services, and when some PMR's are opened they never escalate and make it past the 1st level support, so there weren't any major improvements over the last year. (The last work has been done on 6.5.4)

For the upcoming Redbook I will write the chapter on Nupgrade.exe and this is your chance to contribute! If you have experienced problems in the past (or may be experience them right now) - drop me some lines (you can comment here of cause as well). Also if you have some tips and tricks you can share regarding the migration using the nupgrade, you are being very welcome. to contribute.

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