Organic Shoping

Monday 29th May, 2006
Today is Memorial Day, and I have free time - tomorrow will be the first day in the ITSO labs.
The "hotel" IBM have put me in is gorgeous! It is a corporate housing one bedroom apartment of ca. 40 square meters and a large kitchen, two TV's, Comcast cable modem, phone and all that. I am not missing a thing. (I am to dumb to get the digital Comcast TV box working - I can see the EPG, but if i select something or just change channels, the screen stays pitch black. Tomorrow I will call the Support)
So, I had my day off for acclimatization so I went walking around in Boston and looking for a supermarket to buy food necessities such as bread, eggs, coffee filter etc. It turned to be a difficult task - The place seems surrounded by restaurants and clothing stores but such a simple thing as milk - you cant buy. But after a while i have walked into Harvest Co-Op an organic food supermarket which was really great - in fact I've never been in a place like this before!

What I really like about this place is, that you can buy bulk food there, and they have an enormous amount of varieties of grain, cereals, ingredients and spices. I really wish there would be a place like this in the reasonable distance from my home in Germany.

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