Lotusphere Day ½

Sunday 17th January, 2010
So, the Lotusphere has began. I already have walked two times from Swan over to Dolphin and back again. At least there are no sessions in Y&B today.
Some random observations from until now:
  • No RFID scanners (on the down side no more RFID-Tags swapping anymore)
  • The Badge is printed on a paper instead of an plastic card (more environmental friendly)
  • No BDD-Stickers anymore (instead easier to spot 3 cm wide colored bar on top of name tag)
  • Nice "Lotus Knows" plastic bottles for BDD-Keynote attendees (it is pretty solid material and is not oversized, also the lid closes nicely)
  • Less logos on the Backpack

  • The backpack is even worse than last year's (while pretty much similar, it feels cheap, and the laptop compartment is to shallow for 15"-wide laptop like my Macbook Pro)
  • No luggage tag for the backpack (there thousands of look-alike backpacks to be confused with no identification marks)
  • Stupid lengthy announcements over the loud-speakers before session starts. This make Americans look really stupid. As for the rest of us it is entertaining opportunity to thank that we still have some common sense in our European countries left. But only one time. Then it gets annoying as hell.

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