A Karaoke Symphony

Wednesday 3rd December, 2008
As Bob and Paul already blogged there will be a new fun oriented session held at Lotusphere in Kimono's 7.30pm on Tuesday 20, January 20th. I should have blogged this earlier, but I was on the customer site the whole day.

So - let me clarify some things. It is NOT about bad singing. And nobody has to wear a kimono. (I not gona stop you, if you must).
How will it work? Victims Volunteers will be presenting from a deck of slides they never have seen before on a topic they probably know not more about that the audience. They will be given 5 minutes or till they run out of slides, which ever comes first.

6 weeks ago, at the Admincamp'08 conference I was hosting a Powerpoint Karaoke at the evening session. (most technically it was a Keynote Karaoke) - and we had people presenting on such different topics as "Cocaine Training", "History of French-Canadian Literature" and Paul had to speak about "3D-QSAR Study of Ring-Substituted Quinoline Class of Anti-Tuberculosis Agents" (he did fantastic, by the way) - all in all some of the weirdest presentation that were ever written (and some were plain horrible - that had only maximized the laughs) See more pictures here.

For Lotusphere we have planned some small changes that will maximize the fun. More details will slip eventually as time will be closer to the show.
If you want compete, comment here, or at paul's blog, or drop me or Paul a note. Places are picked at a very complicated procedure.
One last thing - There also might be a sponsor opportunity for prizes or free beer - speak to us.

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