SnTT: How to use CCH1 Hotfix for Notes Client 8.0.2 in a Smart Upgrade Kit

Friday 14th November, 2008
show_and_tell Today I created the Smart Upgrade Kit for the CCH1 Hotfix. But guess what? after it is installed, the client release is not 8.0.2 CCH1 as you would have guessed, but Release 8.0.2 HF88, so it returned an "failure" after installing correctly, because the final client build string has not matched "Release 8.0.2 CCH1". doh!

So, if you would use it with Smartupgrade you should point your policy document to deploy the Release 8.0.2 HF88 version, and also put this in the "Destination Version" field on the Kit document. See the screenshot below for details on how your kit document should look like.

Release 8.0.2 HF88

oh, and if you want an administrative install, so the user is not bothered with the EULA agreement and such, use the following "optional arguments for attached kit:"  -s -a /s /v"/qb+"
the quotes around /qb+ and especially the blank space after the /s are mandatory

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