How much would you pay for a service that only exists out of your fault?

Monday 2nd November, 2009
I went with my wife for a two nights trip to Milan (Italy) to celebrate my Birthday. We booked the Westin Palace, which we liked very much.

Unfortunately I have forgot my glasses that I put on in the evening when i get out of the contact lenses, in the bathroom. They are in a hard-shelled case, so it should be no problem for a hotel to send it after me, I thought.
Today my wife has called up the hotel, and they told her, that they would charge 60 Euro for sending my glasses after me. (= 88USD)

I need my glasses, and buying a new one would be more expensive, since i need a very expensive glass (-9 diopters)

Now the question - what would you do? pay the lesson and pay the charge? Complain? (to whom?)  stop whining and be happy that they do not want to charge me 1000 euro? Have you been in such situation, that you had to ask a hotel to send something after you, and how much where you charged? I am kinda confused.

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