Gone to New York

Monday 3rd July, 2006
So, the official time of the Redbook residency in Boston is now over. The last couple of days I am spending travelling to New York were i had plans to gather impressions,  for visiting some long missed friends and doing some research on my family history.
So far i Have been only partly successful.
1. I am gathering impressions. New York is hot, big, crowded and kinda cool - I can imagine working here, but living in the city must be an enterprise doomed fro depression, especially if you have small children. Just how many kids are there in NY for every playground? It seems that there must be thousands!
2. Regardless of all the planning, it was not possible to meet my old schoolmate. Now we have an appointment to meet "somewhere in Europe" - OK, its only a small globe.
3. I found some long missing relatives (more than 96 years missing) and have phoned them up. And I have more questions, then six weeks ago, which is a good thing. I am a little disappointed, that nearly anything of interest in NY is closed today, so I was unable to obtain some older birth and marriage certificates. Have to do it postal, which will take weeks.

I really look forward to go home to Germany and see my family that I miss so much, and see the Germans playing while I have a party around me. (If they don't make it to the final, there still will be the game for the third place).

I do not have any plans for tomorrow. Tips on what to do on the 4th of July in Big Apple?

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