Getting Started

Wednesday 31st May, 2006
Yesterday was the first Day in the IBM ITSO lab, pretty much of introduction of the team members and setting up the personal environments for working on the redbook - installing Framemaker, fonts, setting up the teamroom and finally having the first team meeting and a brainstorming. It seems that when it coming to the upgrading of the old Redbook, we will only keep about 20% of the old material quite the same, rework on 40% of the content and adding additional 40% of the topics which are new.

Today we had agreed on the setup of the servers we will need - obviously a Exchange 2000 and 2003 box and Domino 7.0.1 server - we had decided to setup Domino on Windows 2000 and on Linux, to show how platform agnostic Domino is (it acknowledges that there is an underlying operating system, but don't believe it would affect it on the every day basis). There will also be a Sametime Server and a couple of servers just to play around (we have an access to the actual Exchange 12 beta and Hanover builds).

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