Fun with Google Maps Latitude

Wednesday 11th February, 2009
Now I know where Hell is!

Chris Miller pointed out that you can have a lot of fun by manually updating your location via the iGoogle widget rather than automatically with the Phone. The Results are stunning and entertaining - that is where Latitudes has placed me:
  • Mars - same as for Chris - I am in New Mexico at the Edge of the Lincoln national forest, on a small street named "mars" - well, not too bad.
  • Earth - hmm... Washington state near Chumstick - looks like I am hiking in the mountains or something
  • Moon - as expected Sugar Valley, as for Chris, but my is in West Virginia, not New Mexico
  • Outer Space - Cocoa, Florida, just a few miles of the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral - not bad
  • Europe - row row row your boat... - I am on a cruise in the Baltic Sea!
  • Planet Earth - wow, Central India, I knew it, but i guess from far away India is okay to represent the whole planet
  • Far Away - North Carolina - well i can imagine places that are even more far away, but not that many
  • Here - Warsaw, Poland - seems like some western outskirts
  • There - Vernoux-sur-Boutonne, France - looks like a nice vacation region, perhaps i consider it for a trip in summer :--)

Well, it is fun, go try were it will place you .-) And if you do not have a blog, feel free to comment right here (er... on the comments, not in Warsaw, Dude!)

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