So, I Start Bloggin

Saturday 27th May, 2006
Hello World!

Finally, after reading different blogs for a couple of years now, I have decided to start my own Blog.
Why? Besides of the thrill of adventure and call of unknown, it is that all of a sudden I have an urgent drive to get in communication about some important things. I have been selected to be on the international team with IBM to co-write the Redbook "Migrating Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 to Lotus Domino 7". This happened all of a sudden, and now I am just a couple of hours away from my flight to Boston, where I will spend the next 5 weeks in this exiting task writing a book. It is my first visit to America, and so I'll intend to write about my impressions and sharing the coming "cultural shock" with whoever is interested. (I hope there will be anyone)
But what is important to me, and thus i start this blog, is to get feedback and input right into the creation process of the Redbook. You are also free to write to me private, if you like, but i am not promise to answer, since the actual writing of the redbook will be my first goal over the next 5 weeks.

Oh, and will not limit myself just to english, i will blog also in german and probably sometimes in russian, so comments in this languages will be answered. (This might sound as a crazy idea, but having watched Volkers blog over two years, I am very confident, that this can work)


Ich werde jetzt nicht alles übersetzen, was ich in englisch gesagt habe, sondern fasse mal das wichtigste zusammen:
Es ist mein erstes Blog. Ich schreibe gerade an dem Rot-Buch "Migration von Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 nach Domino 7" und freue mich darüber über jeden Input.

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