Dollar for Sametime

Wednesday 12th March, 2008
Steve Mills announced last Monday that IBM will invest a billion dollar in unified communications over the next three years. That's is worth today 646 million euro, and if the trend continues in three years that will be only about 480, but still it is a lot of money.
There was a lot of press coverage of this announcement, which was made, as I understand on a webconference call. I was looking though the IBM website for any details on that, but was unable to find anything close to that. No press release, no replay. If someone could point me out to some first had sources, I would be thankful.
Now lets think on how will IBM spend 333.000.000 USD a year on unified communications - what actually could be done with such amount of money? There are already a very mature product, it might be some space for improvement there, but you don't have to start from scratch.

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