Sntt: Where Does Lotus Notes Cache Email Addresses

Friday 29th February, 2008
This is taken form a recent google that hit my blog: Where Does Lotus Notes Cache Email Addresses?

Incidentally I just have figured that out last week, so I am happy to share. As I understand the question it is related to the new feature of the Notes client to keep track of "recent contacts" - all the email addresses you encounter when you read or write emails. This is new feature introduced with Notes 8.0 Standard client. This is an eclipse plug-in that is actually doing the catching of addresses and it put them into a view "Recent Contacts" in the names.nsf. But you can't delete them from this view, unless you are using the Notes 8.0.1 Client. Of cause you can trick you way around and delete them from the $Users view for example, but they get automagically resurrected every time you read a new mail.
This is because they are stored at the disk as well. Take a look at \workspace\.metadata\.plugins\\ directory. There you go - this .ser files contains all your cached addresses. Up to 2000, then it start to discard the oldest.

dear google surfer, I hope that answers your question :-) (and I don't mind if other people are thankful as well, just leave a comment)

  1. 1) Mike Said: (15.4.08 1:37:05 PM GMT) Gravatar Image
    Cached E-Mail Address’

    I thought a ray of hope for this "annoying" little feature had been found ... alas not so for me. I deleted all the ".ser" files in this directory and the Notes client still remembers them ... problem for me is I have an address where I had mistyped ".com" rather than ".net", which of course comes first in the list and the number of times I select the wrong one is not funny ... thankfully the ".com" SMTP server sends NDR's so at least I know when I have done it wrong! If anyone knows how to clear or edit this cache I would be very grateful. Cheers.

  2. 2) Kiran Nayaknur Said: (24.4.12 10:29:33 AM GMT) Gravatar Image
    Worked like a charm

    Thanks a bunch for the tip. I recently upgraded to the 8.5.3 client and noticed that the cached email addresses were not loading anymore.Followed your blog and Im back in Business.Everything worked like a charm.Precisely what I wanted. Thanks a ton once again.



  3. 3) Tweety Said: (18.6.12 7:48:54 AM GMT) Gravatar Image
    Chached email address

    I have deleted cache.ndk and workspace folder too. but still the old (wrong internet) email id comes in look ahead " To " field. Where is teh entry getting picked from.. the user is on Std 8.5 version. checked recent conatct lightcat.nsf and PAB too no where is the email id...

    Please advice thanks in advance

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