Save money on your stay at the Dolphin/Swan during LS

Tuesday 2nd December, 2008

If you are member of an automobile club you could save some money on your Lotusphere accommodation by booking an "AAA" rate directly at the World Disney World Dolphin's website. The AAA rate is 201,75 USD compared to 222 USD Lotusphere rate. It sums up to 237 USD after taxes and resort fee. (there is also an AAA rate for Swan of 216) The rate require a deposit of one night due at the time of booking, but you get it a full refund if you cancel up to 7 days prior to arrival. Here is the link for booking

Oh, and you could make me a favor by putting the number 23262665 in the "Travel Agent" field, but I am not insisting. You could support your local trave agent an type in his IATA number instead. (It has no consequences on the rate)

Sheraton accepts this rate for the members of  AA (Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom), AAA (United States), ACA (France), ACL (Luxembourg), ADAC (Germany), ANWB (Netherlands), ARC Europe, CAA (Canada), NAF (Norway), ÖAMTC (Austria), Touring (Belgium), JAF (Japan)

And in case you have already booked at the Lotusphere trave page - you still can cancel the reservation there for free till 5 days prior to arrival.

  1. 1) Pedro Quaresma Said: (2.12.08 10:21:09 AM GMT) Gravatar Image
    That’s great to know

    Awesome, thanks for the tip. I'm not attending this year but I'll remember that for next year (I'm an AA member here in Ireland).

  2. 2) Edward Said: (28.12.09 2:23:33 PM GMT) Gravatar Image
    much appreciated

    have never been there, but heard and read lots of positive references concerning this place. and right, in times of crisis the possibility of saving some extra money is very topical.

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